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Shade cover shield uv protector (2 pcs)

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Summer is here and thousands of people are spending more time in their cars traveling during the holidays or cruising the town. This means that cars are going to be very hot during the summer season and millions will feel the effects of the heat whilst in their cars. Kids and Babies are especially at great risk due to their vulner

How can you protect yourself you ask? Introducing the Trippi Full UV Protect Car Sun Shade constructed with a durable mesh fabric.This car shade significantly reduces visibility inside the car for excellent privacy and protectionwhilst also keeping your car cool.

Further capabilities:
Can fit most cars as it is a stretch material and can be manually adjusted.
Durable and can be used for a long time.
No hooks or complicated clips required, easily installs.
Doors can open and close normally whilst shade is installed.
You can see from inside out, the view is not obstructed.

Your package will include:
- 2Pcs of Car Window sun shades.

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