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The Press-Shelf

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Strong and permanent load possibility

In contrast to other corner solutions that work with bars, folding or gluing systems, Press-Shelf consists of a universal handle. With its unique adhesion, this shelf stays in place even in humid environments.

An unused corner? Perfect for Press Shelf! On the wall in the bathroom but also in the kitchen, in the bedroom or basement. Press-Shelf can be fixed in every corner of your home. Glass, marble, wood, this shelf can be attached to almost any surface to give you additional storage space.

Made of durable ABS plastic.

It utilizes Press-Tek technology with polymer pads so it has a tight grip and can easily accommodate up to 10 lbs of weight! Put it in the bathroom for your shampoo, shower gels, shaving cream, razor, and washcloth. How about another one in the laundry room for your detergent, fabric softener, spray bottles, and hangers? It's also the perfect tray for your makeup essentials!

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